PRODIGY LAW® provides educational articles in a variety of business law areas. Our current set of articles currently include:

How to Select a Business Attorney?
•  The Basics of Buying & Selling a Business
•  Ensuring Your Business is Paid
•  What Businesses Can Do After the California Supreme Court's Voiding Non-Compete Clauses
•  Preventing Contractors From Being Reclassified As Employees
•  Trade Secret Basics
•  Responding to a Lawsuit

Dennis W. Chiu, the owner of Prodigy Law, since the beginning of his academic and legal career has had an active interest in practical and academic publication and education. He has been an invited lecturer at top universities and educational institutions in the Silicon Valley and is the author of seminal legal publication on Constitutional Law and the Internet in 1996, which was on the reading list of top law schools and cited in many legal articles and cyberlaw books in the U.S. and all around the world. Dennis' publication with UCLA Professor John Zaller, regarding media bias, was also on the Fall 2008 reading list for government class PPP-306/Gov. 2881 at Harvard University.