PRODIGY LAW® utilizes our attorney's decade of experience on the Santa Clara County Planning Commission to counsel our clients in land use, environmental and land development matters.

For a decade, our attorney has helped shape development in the Silicon Valley with careful decisions made on a case-by-case basis utilizing the following factors:

1.  Adherence to the local, state and federal law.
2.  A fundamental respect for the environment and life.
3.  Core land use principles for sustainable development.
4.  Balancing the rights of landowners with the community.
5.  Respect for land use professionals (such as planners, engineers, fire marshals, and scientists).
6.  Understanding the need to work with neighboring governmental jurisdictions.
7.  Openness to new ideas.

Prodigy Law's Development Experience

Our attorney has also developed a $3M property a block from downtown Los Gatos, California (including permission to demolition, demolition, architectural planning, architecture and site approval, construction loan, building permits, building, conversion of construction loan to standard real property loan, and sale of developed property).

Prodigy Law's Land Use Consulting Solutions

• Understanding your vision.
• Outlining the best process for taking your project through the governmental process.
• Suggestions on how to work together with local and county planning staff.
• Analyze issues that may raise concerns with neighbors, community, environment and other interest groups.
• Counseling on how to create goodwill and establish good faith discussions with all interested parties.
• Educating governmental officials of the benefits and issues involved.