Dennis Chiu has been providing legal & political consulting services since 1997.



• Business Legal Counsel
• Business Entity Formation
• Business Agreements
• Business Litigation
• Intellectual Property
• Intellectual Property
• Mergers & Acquisitions
• Purchase & Sale of a
• Commercial Real Property
• Business Consulting

• Land Use Consulting
• Commercial Real Estate

• Manage Campaigns
• Design and implement mail campaign
• Design and implement ground campaign
• Crisis Management

Answers & Action.

With years of legal and political experience, Prodigy Law® provides the answers you need to aggressively deal with business, corporate, land use, and political campaigns and issues. We will consult with you and execute a strong, strategic and comprehensive response to push the issue and campaign towards a clear final resolution.

Legal & Political Representation.

We are experienced at representing and counseling corporations, limited liability companies, businesses, professionals, business owners, partners, candidates, and campaigns since 1997. We have also been involved in development and land use issues since 2000.

Quality & Affordability.

Prodigy Law® offers you top quality business law, corporate law, land use, and political consulting at competitive rates. We have a variety of flat rate and hourly rates that can meet almost any budget for legal and political services.


The Honorable Dennis W. Chiu was an elected-official in Santa Clara County, California, and has been practicing law and providing political consulting services in California since 1997.

In his law practice, Dennis specializes in corporate law, business law, mergers & acquisitions, intellectual property law, land use law, constitutional law, and nonprofit healthcare law. Dennis also provides consulting services to start-ups, businesses and individuals regarding small business strategy, legislation, public policy, political strategy, political campaign management, and crisis management.

In his political capacity, Dennis has been mentoring, coaching, consulting and managing candidates for elected office and campaigns since 1997. Dennis has managed campaigns for city council, California Assembly, and local measures.