PRODIGY LAW® is experienced at creating and tailoring your business contracts to your needs. The following are a sampling of business agreements created by's attorney.

Affidavit of Lost Stock Certificate
Agreement and Plan of Reorganization
Bridge Loan Agreements
Collaboration Agreements
Commercial Lease Agreements
Content License Agreement
Development and License Agreement
Equipment Leases
Hosting License Agreement
Joint Developers' Agreement for Sales, Licensing, and Marketing
Letter Agreements & Amendments
License Agreement
OEM Hardware & Software License and Purchase Agreement
OEM Reciprocal License Agreement
Option Agreements
Patent Cross License Agreement
Patent Rights Purchase Agreement
Promotional Services & Customer Database Services Agreement
Purchase and License Agreement
Relationship Agreement
Reseller Agreement
Revenue Sharing Adjustable License Agreement
Service Agreements
Settlement Agreement and Mutual Release
Software Distribution and License Agreement
Software License Agreement
Supply Agreement
Technology License Agreement
Television Rights License Agreement
Trademark and Service Mark License Agreement
Vendor Agreements
Value Added Reseller Agreements