PRODIGY LAW® utilizes our attorney's experience as having been Chief Operating Officer and Vice President for three companies to offer business consulting services.

It is common for in-house general counsel in small and midsized businesses to perform more than one function. With experience as Chief Operating Officer of two companies and Vice President of a nonprofit company with 10-100+ employees, our attorney has  valuable insight and skills to propel your company's vision forward, see structural issues, organizational behavior problems, offer training and tactics on how to deal with problem employees from a business and legal perspective, and other comprehensive business and nonprofit consulting solutions.

We have found that business consulting is integral in providing start-ups advice, because at the beginning, the line between legal advice and what needs to be done as good business practices is blurred. A start-up must begin with solid business fundamentals as well as proper legal formation documents, solid business agreements and other pieces of the start-up business puzzle.

For businesses and nonprofits that have been running for several years, Prodigy Law understands that there are distinct business cycles where there are periods of growth, stabilization, reformation, and growth again, leading to a renewed cycle. We offer assistance at every stage of the business cycle to accomplish your goals and keep your business moving forward, even in reformation and retrenchment cycles.

We use qualitative and quantitative tools, including behavior testing & profiling, technology infrastructure analysis, interviews with key executives/owners, and our extensive connections and contacts in the field to ensure your business or organization is receiving the best consulting advice available.

Prodigy Law's consulting solutions include:

• Taking your vision and big picture for your company or nonprofit organization and creating a plan to make it into a reality.
• Suggest innovations to keep your business' edge in this challenging market.
• Analyze from top to bottom your entire company or organization to report on strengths, weaknesses, necessary areas of improvement, and recommended changes.
• Improve governance and executive management.
• Educate elected officials of decisions that effect your company or organization.

Our goal is to help solve business issues that inhibit your success and help create a road map for the future of your company and organization.

Prodigy Law provides business consulting services in the Silicon Valley and throughout the San Francisco Bay Area, including San Jose, San Francisco, Oakland.