NOTICE: Prodigy Law has held rates steady since 2015, and must raise hourly rates in 2017 by $25/hr to meet increasing costs.
Flat Fee & Hourly Rates

(including without limitation, preparation of contractor agreements, licenses, buy-sell
buy-sell agreements, releases, distribution agreements, confidentiality agreements,
land use agreements, mergers & acquisitions, and other business and/or com-
mercial agreements.) A minimum $1600 retainer is required.
 $425.00 US
General Legal Counseling
(including without limitation, answering day-to-day business/corporate & other legal
questions via telephone, email, video conferencing or U.S. mail.)
 $425.00 US



Basic Entity Formation*
 (corporations with a single share holder of member, one form of stock and
  limited liability companies in CA or Delaware)
 •  State Formation Documents
 •  Bylaws (for corporation) / Operating Agreement (for LLC)
 •  Appointment & Resignation of Incorporator
 •  Initial Organizational Resolutions (including shareholder meeting accepting
     resignation of incorporator, election of board of directors, etc.)
  (*All expenses, including without limitation, corporation binder, corporate stamp,
   professionally printed stock certificates, California Secretary of State formation
   fees, processing fees, third party vendor messenger fees, and taxes are not
   included in the flat fee price.)
 $2,500.00 US
Flat Fee
 Complex Corporate Formation
 (corporations with preferred shares, investors, stockholder agreements, employee
  stock option agreement, founder's restricted stock purchase agreement, etc.)

Flat Fee
or Hourly

Political Services

Fees for campaign management and consulting services are negotiated between the campaign and Prodigy Law.

Late Fees

Prodigy Law Invoices are due and payable on the due date indicated on the Invoice. If Client fails to pay part or all of any invoice, Client will be charged and assessed a one percent (1%) late fee for any overdue unpaid balance per month.

**CLIENT IS RESPONSIBLE FOR ALL COSTS (such as postage & delivery costs [UPS/FedEx/USPS], online legal research costs, and all other expenses essential to performing your project)